Search and Recovery

— One of the fun things to do when diving is some informal treasure hunting. Many times non diver friends will approach you to recover items they have dropped off piers or boats. The PENDIVE Search & Recovery program offers you the skills necessary for small area search efforts, and then once you find the object, a variety of ways of getting the item to the surface. During the two dives, we will teach you pattern search - circle, square, criss cross, tethered, untethered and low visibility. How will you get it to the surface? Many items are small enough to pick up and just use your BCD for the necessary lift. However, more than likely, you will need more than your BCD. What kind of features do you want on your lift bag, can you make your own, and if so, how?

Search & Recovery courses normally include other AOWD subjects, basic scuba skills review, and classroom time.

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