Dry Suit Diving

– Want to know why and how a dry suit will increase your dive time and enjoyment?
– How does a dry suit bouyancy differ from that of a wet suit?
– What types of dry suits are available?
– What type of dry suit is best for you?
– Do you need an undergarment and what type?

The PENDIVE Dry Suit course will answer all these questions, and more.  As one of our instructors says:"It's like driving and constantly fiddeling with your radio at the same time."
We will answer all your questions in this class and teach you all the little details about dry suit diving.  Prepare to spend anywhere from two to three hours both in the classroom and in our on site pool.  As in all of our classes, we want the bulk of all training to be completed prior to entering the ocean.

Dry Suit courses normally include other AOWD subjects, basic scuba skills review, and classroom time.

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