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Pool Usage - Pool rental versus using the pool for free

When is the pool free ?
For all individual practice (including all necessary Scuba equipment). Any practice that you wish to do is encouraged. No Dive Leadership personal will be present to assist other than in store employees for quickie questions and safety issues. No outside Dive Leadership personal will be allowed in the pool and pool area during practice sessions. Click here to get more info on our on-site heated pool.

When is there a pool rental fee?
Any time Dive Leadership personal are to be used, including safety personal. If you feel you need Dive Leadership (or safety) personal, the fee is a flat $75.00 an hour (up to 4 people, $100.00 per hour for more than 4 people - not to exceed 8 total divers.) including the safety or dive leadership person or instructor personal. (Equipment fees extra for non-PENDIVE students).
The pool can be rented for outside instruction, refresher courses, birthday parties, etc. Does not include use of our equipment Click here for more general info on our on-site heated pool.

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