Diver Development Program

Ever thought about making your hobby your new career as dive leader?  Or just taking your hobby to a higher level by helping out with dive classes?  Wait until you see the look in somebody's face when they discover they can breathe underwater. And think how great you feel when a dive leader tells you what a great and safe diver you are.  If that sounds exciting, then this is the program for you.

Why this is the ideal program.
Our special and unique  program of class room sessions, and pool/ocean training, consists of 15 days, spread over 7 weekends, spanning 5 months. You will be made familiar with all aspects of diving, starting where the openwater course concluded, adding advanced skills, as well as legal aspects,   all the way through Instructor level material. 
 Successful completion can result in certifications for most Specialty Courses, most Advanced Open Water Diver certifications, Rescue Diver, Master Diver,  Dive Master, Assistant Instructor, and Instructor.
Due to the enormous amount and complexity of information we combine in our program, all sessions MUST be attended,  no exceptions.

The course consists of,  but is not limited to the following subjects,  and is taught at the Instructor level:
Dive Planning,  Snorkeling,  Shore and  Boat diving techniques,  Advanced Scuba Skills, Cave Diving, Ice Diving, Wreck Diving, Navigation* , Search & Recovery*, Lite Salvage*,  Dive Touring, Night & Limited Visibility Diving*, Proper Snorkeling Techniques, Dry Suit Diving*, Surface Transportation, Diving Physics, Deep & Decompression Diving*, Rock Entries & Exits, Kelp Diving, Diving Activities, Buoyancy Work, Marine Life ID*, Marine Conservation, Hunting and/or Collecting*, Nitrox and Mixed Gasses*, Dive Site Mapping, Equipment Problem Solving,  Preparing Emergency Plans,   Pool & Open water Problem Solving, Teaching & Learning Theory, Lecture Planning, Preparing Outlines,  Legal Aspects,  Causes and Prevention of Diving Accidents, Hi-Altitude Diving, U/W Photography Intro, Duties & Responsibilities of Dive Masters, Surface Support Personal, Beach Masters, and Safety Divers, Global Awareness, Emergency First Aid, Diving Logistics.

Subjects marked with an "*" are eligible for individual Specialty Certification cards.
Many of the subjects have ocean and pool work requirements.

Prerequisite for PenDive staff includes Rescue Diver and 1st Responder (CPR, First Aid, O2 Provider, Blood Borne Pathogens, AED). For those wishing to become a Master Diver, Resort Dive Master, Assistant Instructor,  and/or Instructor, you must have additional training in Stress Management and Advanced Rescue Techniques.  If not already certified in these areas, there are separate scheduled programs.

Program Costs

Tuition $2500.00

Certifications and certification costs vary - contact us via email for specific information. Students are required to supply full sets of equipment where necessary. 


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